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Project Features

Retail Shops & 1 BHK Studios

Project Overview

Eldeco Sector 50 Noida a newly launched property offers a blend of studio apartments and retail shops. Located in Sector 50 of Noida, it is counted as an industrial area and apart from this, it is connected to Delhi and Yamuna Expressway. This property is spread over a large acre, besides it is surrounded by beautiful environment due to which it makes it different from the divine life. This project provides a luxurious living experience with modern amenities and high-quality finishes, catering to those in search of a comfortable lifestyle.

Sector 50 Noida is also known for its well-developed infrastructure and excellent connectivity to various parts of Noida, Delhi, and neighboring areas. The locality is well-connected to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and public transport, enhancing the convenience for residents.

Apartments in this area are ideal for single couples, as they offer modern, comfortable living spaces. Additionally, the property’s amenities make it ideal for individuals looking for a new place to start their business. Sector 50 Noida is ideal for businesses and for singles, couples and bachelors who want some privacy. This place is well connected with all the places of Noida like Botanic Gardens, Sector 16, Electricity Noida, etc.

Floor Plan Of Eldeco Sector 50 Noida!

Studio Apartment:-

These Studio Apartment offers a small, fully furnished home-like space of 1 BHK. These flats are also ideal for students and couples and would be perfect for their privacy. The property is 80% lush green and offers a comfortable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. The studio apartment has one bedroom with en suite balcony, a modern kitchen in the living area and a separate bathroom. These well-designed units provide residents with a comfortable and practical place to live.

1). Modern Amenities:-

The property is also equipped with new state-of-the-art facilities with easy access to mobile phones. Residents can simply enjoy the benefits and advantages of advanced technology, allowing them to manage more aspects of their residence. From lighting and climate control to security systems, these features aim to improve the overall living experience, providing residents with a simpler and smarter lifestyle.

2). Connectivity:-

These apartments in Eldeco Sector 50 Noida are well connected to services and infrastructure. Residents and employees of Eldeco Sector 50 Noida have easy access to shopping centres, universities, offices, supermarkets, hospitals and public transport.

3). Car Parking:-

Every resident of this property has access to reserved parking. Individual parking spaces ensure that people have a safe and convenient area to park their cars.

4). Open Balcony:-

Open the balcony window which provides you with sunlight and ventilation so that you do not feel suffocated. Kept according to comfortable life.

Retail Shop:-

The premium retail shops of Eldeco Sector 50 Noida is also an excellent location for new business startups, and the retail shops within the property provide a prime space for entrepreneurs. The well-developed infrastructure and connectivity make it an attractive choice for commercial ventures.

1). Good Connectivity:

The property is also connected to several parts of Noida, Delhi, which ensuring that the retail shops are conveniently accessible to a diverse customer base.

2). High-Quality Infrastructure:

The property intends to provide the best infrastructure for businesses, including well-planned areas, modern architecture, and facilities that contribute to a thriving commercial environment.

3). Diverse Customer Base:

With the residential apartment attracting singles and couples, the shops have the opportunity to tap into a diversified client base.  This ensures that businesses can cater to the varied needs and preferences of the local population.

4). Visibility And Accessibility:

Retail stores of Eldeco Sector 50 Noida are also perfectly placed to improve visibility and accessibility for customers. Which is essential for the success of enterprises in a commercial space.

Location Connectivity

  • Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI Airport), New Delhi:Approximately 30 kilometers.
  • Mahamaya Flyover: Approximately 6 kilometers.
  • AnandVihar: Approximately 20 kilometers.
  • Okhla Bird Sanctuary: Approximately 15 kilometers.
  • DLF Mall of India: Approximately 10 kilometers.
  • University and Jaypee Institute of Information Technology: Approximately 8 kilometers.
  • Sector 18 Market: Approximately 7 kilometers.
  • GIL Mall: Approximately 5 kilometers.
  • Sector 60, Noida: Approximately 5 kilometers.
  • Electricity Noida (Power Distribution Center): Approximately 3 kilometers.
  • Greater Noida: Approximately 25 kilometers.
  • Amity University: Approximately 10 kilometers.


1). What kinds of properties can I find in Eldeco Sector 50 Noida?

The property has studio flats as well as retail establishments.

2). What distinguishes the Studio Apartments?

Eldeco Noida Project Studio Apartments include modern facilities such as smartphone-controlled features, spacious living areas, connecting balconies, and separate washrooms.

3). How big are the Eldeco Project Noida Studio Apartments?

Studio apartments are typically 300 to 600 square feet in size, giving tiny yet comfortable living areas.

4). What is the distance between Eldeco Sector 50 Project In Noida and the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi?

The property is also about 30 kilometers away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi.


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